Juryens begrundelse


The story about the plane crash in the Arctic Ocean is a very special documentary. From the beginning, it is clear that both men survived the crash in their Cessna but the tension of the story is present from the beginning till the very end.

The programme makers succeeded in telling the story very well. The ingredients were few: two men standing on an ice floe, them telling their story, the story of the wife of the Danish pilot and the captain of the vessel. With these people they made a very complete and exciting documentary.

It was never over the top, the emotion was there but we never thought that it was overdramatised. Of course, there a lot of plane-crash movies and documentaries and most of the time there are big budgets available. It is really a compliment that a regional station has the ambition to make such a programme with a limited budget. 

Also the creativity in editing the story and camerawork made it complete.

The jury has to deal with a lot of drama in judging all the documentaries every year and it is not simple to stand out. But this one did. And most of the judges had to wipe away their tears.